All About Singing

KaraokeGarage is an online social singing game which helps people sing bollywood songs, share singing score and challenge friends.

About KaraokeGarage

KaraokeGarage is an online social singing game (karaoke game) where you can sing along with your favourite song, get scored, share score and challenge friends on your social network. Over all karaokeGarage provides a social singing platform where everyone can sing and have fun.

Getting Started

Its simple! Just click on the song that you would like to sing and our karaoke player will assist you in singing.Our custom karaokeplayer helps you sing along your favourate song by displaying song lyrics, pitch graph of the original song and your pitch as you sing along. Further you can share your score and challenge friends on facebook.

Pitch Analysis and Scoring

Our karaoke player has the intelligence to analyse user pitch as he sings along.Analysed user pitch is dispalyed through intutive color coding with reference to the original song pitch. The screenshot below expalins the color coding within the karaoke player. Karaoke player also has complex scoring algorithm built in. In simple terms it determines the score for the users vocal singing by matching users pitch against original song pitch.More the match more will be the score.

My Profile and Dashboard

My Profile screen provides details about songs sung by you and your highest score for those songs. You can share your score and challenge friends from your profile page. Dashboard page is like hall of fame to showcase top scorers for each song. You can takeup the challenge against the top scorer from Dashboard page.

About Karaoke

Karaoke is a form of interactive entertainment or video game in which amateur singers sing along with recorded music. The music is typically a well-known song where in lyrics are usually displayed on a video screen, along with a moving symbol, changing color to guide the singer. Karaoke is usually played in two modes - Easy and Hard mode. In Easy mode somg will be played in background along with the lyrics to help amateur singer whereas in Hard mode instrumental track along with the lyrics will be played.