Mariyaan songs review

Mariyaan is an upcoming Tamil drama thriller film directed by Bharat Bala starring Dhanush alongside Parvathi Menon. Produced by Venu Ravichandran, the film has music and background score composed by A. R. Rahman.

The film revolves around a story of 2008 real life incident involving three oil workers from India who were kidnapped and taken hostage in Sudan by mercenaries. The film is an emotional journey of a common man to an unknown place with the hope to come home and lead a better life.

Mariyaan in Tamil translates to “A man who never dies”. As per the film script, it implies that the spirit of the man never dies.

There are totally 7 song tracks in Mariyaan and ARR has lended his voice for three tracks “Nenjae Ezhu”, “I Love My Africa” and “Kadal Rasa Naan”. Here are Mariyaan songs list with review.

Nenjae Yezhu

Singers: A.R.Rahman

Lyrics: A.R.Rahman, Kutti Revathi

As the track’s title suggests, it is a song that strives to spring hope and rise above from the deepest depths of despair. Rahman has provided a magical tune to this song by defnitive use of musical instruments that makes the song universal in nature. The opening string section sets the tone for “Ayiram Suryan….” in the upper octaves.

This is truly a meaningful song penned by ARR and Kutti Revathi that creates an awe inspiring feel similar to “Maa Tujhe Salaam”. No one could have rendered this song better than ARR himself !

Click on the image below to singing your version at karaokeGarage.

Sing Mariyaan Nenjae Yezhu song at KaraokeGarage

Sing Mariyaan Nenjae Yezhu song at KaraokeGarage

Innum Konja neram

Singers: Shweta Mohan, Vijay Prakash

Lyrics: A. R. Rahman, Kabilan

The Ghatam is the best thing about this track without which it would have sounded empty and different. A booming string section offers a brief peak at a few places before the track returns to its earthy roots. Vijay Prakash and Swetha Mohan’s melodious rendering is also commendable.

Naetru Aval Irundhal

Singers: Chinmayi, Vijay Prakash

Lyrics: Vaali

The melodic progression is bold and beautiful. This acoustic song begins with a slow pace – soothing and pacifying. Simple yet powerful piano chords in the background and Vijay Prakash and Chinmayi’s voices are like a gentle breeze.
To pleasantly surprise us, the track is pitch transposed at the end and this makes the song enchanting!!


Singers: Haricharan, Javed Ali, Nakash Aziz

Lyrics: Vaali

This upbeat peppy dance number from Haricharan, Javed Ali and Nakash Aziz is refreshing. A ‘commercial’ song, This song would appeal to the masses. the playful violins make the core of the orchestration and feature a particularly lively solo of the same with Javed Ali’s earthy voice.

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Sing Sonapareeya song from Mariyaan

Sing Sonapareeya song from Mariyaan at

Yenga Pona Raasa

Singers: Shakthisree Gopalan

Lyrics: A.R.Rahman, Kutti Revathi

The song starts with ‘Silent’ guitar chords followed by Shakthishree’s amazing voice. The first few seconds of the song stays in your mind for a long time. The chords keep building up into a vibrant Background tune complementing human emotions. Not much of instrument has been used and this helps retain the clarity of the vocals.

Click on the image below to sing Yenga Pona Raasa at karaokeGarage.

Sing Yenga Pona Raasa from Mariyaan

Sing Yenga Pona Raasa from Mariyaan

I love my Africa

Singers: A.R.Rahman, blaaze

Lyrics: blaaze, Brian Kabwe

This tribal African song is based on a combination of funky percussion instruments which convey a celebratory/ Revelry feel. The song is filled with various percussions that lay down the rhythm line. Expectedly Blaaze’s voice sync’s with this track very well.

ARR has done an amazing work by using different percussion instruments to recreate the African feel. The essence of Africa has been well captured both in instrumental and vocal accents.

Kadal Rasa Naan

Singers: A.R.Rahman, Yuvan Shankar Raja

Lyrics: Dhanush

It is a peppy fast number with a lot of energy. The union of ARR with Yuvan Shankar Raja’s typical ‘strained’ accent has worked brilliantly.

The percussions in this song are in their own world but do superbly well to keep time and tempo without distracting the listener. Beginning with a nagaswaram intro, the track seamlessly merges with funky electronic beats/ Tribal percussion to create a ‘Beat’ dominated track. The track has a different feel and is well carried by Yuvan’s voice.

The best portion of this song is its first line “Kadal raasa naa” leading up to a peak “Mariyaan naa”. It works because of a strong build up given by the nagaswaram solo and the percussion.

Click on the image below to sing Kadal Rasa Naan at karaokeGarage.

Sing Kadal Rasa Naan from Mariyaan

Sing Kadal Rasa Naan from Mariyaan

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